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The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to help raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

The Harvey has a proud record of action taken to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds gain fair access to the school. The proportion of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds gaining entry to the school has increased in recent years and the total number is significantly above the average for grammar schools. This was highlighted in our 2016 Ofsted report which noted that “The headteacher and governors have been visionary in ensuring that this is a selective grammar school that serves the needs of all of its local community. Their redesign of the entrance exam has given all pupils a much fairer chance of gaining entry, regardless of background or circumstances.”

The Harvey is committed to ensuring that children from disadvantaged backgrounds continue to gain good access to the school and in addition to its work on re-design of the entrance test, the school offers taster days and masterclasses for local primary school children from all social backgrounds and employs a uniform code which keeps costs as low as possible. The school also offers assistance where appropriate for families to subsidise the cost of trips to ensure fair access for all. Once admitted to the school, pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds perform well as is highlighted in our pupil premium strategy statement which is shown below.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

The School publishes a regularly-reviewed Pupil Premium Strategy Statement on the use of pupil premium funding. Read the Pupil Premium Strategy Statement