wright building frontage

The school has worked to build and maintain a range of modern facilities for its pupils. These are continuously upgraded to provide a rich learning environment and to meet the changing needs of pupils over time.


The Alan Philpott Memorial Sports Ground (on the opposite side of Cherry Garden Avenue) is home to the purpose-built Les Ames Memorial Pavilion.

The school also makes use of the extensive sports facilities at the Three Hills Sports Park, adjacent to the main school site.


The school’s computer network extends to all parts of the main site, via fibre optic and wireless links.

Computers are installed throughout the school site and are kept current with the latest releases of Windows and Office.


The school intranet offers learning resources and information, available to pupils and parents with a username and password.

Should any parent or pupil have any trouble accessing the intranet or TALISMAN, please contact the School Office.